Sharjah Cultural Capital


Sharjah is the Islamic Culture Capital for 2014

The story started since 2001 when the Islamic cultural capitals project was adopted in the third Islamic Conference of Ministers of culture in the Islamic world, where the Organization’s Member States called on the Islamic Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) to nominate cities in order to choose three capitals of Islamic culture yearly, representing the Arabic region, Africa and Asia.


When the banner of the capital began to move from a capital to the other since 2005 in Mecca to represent the whole Islamic world, arriving in 2014 to Sharjah to represent the capital of Islamic culture in the Arab region, as well as the city of Bishkek in the Kyrgyz Republic to represent the Asian region, and the city and Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso to represent African region.


Sharjah was awarded the title of the capital of Islamic culture for the year 2014 in recognition of the significant cultural role.  it has been selected after meeting the requirements and basic standards of Islamic cultural capitals established by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO). Sharjah received this coronation by the ratification of the fourth Islamic Conference of Culture Ministers, which was held in Algiers in December 2004 because of its obvious cultural achievement and physical , cultural and societal evidences which reflect the cultural orientation of Sharjah and the harmony of society with those of the cultural system, Sharjah replete with a variety of institutions and monuments of cultural and scientific bodies that reflect the cultural orientation of the Emirate.


Sharjah worked on implementation a number of important qualitative projects to get ready for the capital of Islamic culture in 2014, and these projects include a lot of universities, monuments and Islamic gardens, markets, museums, heritage and libraries, scientific, architectural and edifices. These projects complete Sharjah cultural landmarks. The cost of these projects is billion and a half billion dirhams, which are distributed to 21 different projects of major qualitative projects, which is considered the first of its kind in the region. These Projects form an important cultural component of Sharjah future map to be useful for the future generations.

About the Award

The Award aims to honor and encourage the outstanding researchers through selecting the best doctoral dissertation in the field of administrative sciences in order to develop theoretical and empirical knowledge in management and administrative development in the Arab world. Sharjah Government, Sharjah University and the Arab Administrative Development Organization cooperate together in this effort.