Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees of the Sharjah Award for doctoral dissertations in Management Science

Mr. / Abdullah Salem Al-Turifi

Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dr. / Nasser AL- Hattlan Al-Qahtani

Vice Chairman of the Board Of Trustees

General Director of Arab Administrative Development Organization

Prof. Dr. / Hussein A. Hassan Al-Tamimi


Professor of Finance-The Director of MBA Program-Collage of Business Administration- Sharjah University

Dr. / Azaddin S Khalifa


The Director of MBA Program-Collage of Business Administration-Sharjah University

Dr. / Ibrahim ALi Abdullah Al-Mansouri


Executive Director -Sharjah Islamic Center for Economy & Finance Studies

Dr. / Azzam Hussien Armely

Consultant of Arab Administrative Development Organization

Arab Organization for Administrative Development Consultant

Dr. / Ali Mohammed Abdul Aziz bin Darwish


General Secretariat

Mr. / Ahmed Abdel Salam Arif

General secretary of the Award

About the Award

The Award aims to honor and encourage the outstanding researchers through selecting the best doctoral dissertation in the field of administrative sciences in order to develop theoretical and empirical knowledge in management and administrative development in the Arab world. Sharjah Government, Sharjah University and the Arab Administrative Development Organization cooperate together in this effort.